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North East Package

In a proactive measure, the Department has announced a special package for North East Region for strengthening Science and Technology education and research at a total budgetary provision of Rs. 70 crore for 5 years.The package focuses the following:

A. Augmentation of S&T education infrastructure:

Under the initiative, total of 50 colleges would be identified and selected based on considerations of potentials for excellence in science education. Rs.50 lakh per college for 5 years is envisaged.

B. Enrichment of research efforts through exchange fellowships

  1. Visiting Professorships for short term attachment to the universities in NER:

    Total of five visiting professorships for each university are proposed. This would amount to total of 70 such professorships. Each professorship would carry costs of travel plus an honorarium of Rs 25,000.

  2. Visiting fellowships to research students from NER for work in other regions:

    Total of 100 visiting fellowships for research scholars from NER for supporting attachment to institutions outside the NER would be formulated and provided. These fellowships would carry to and fro travel costs plus a monthly compensation of Rs 8000 pm for three months. The host institution would also be provided a contingency grant of Rs 10,000 pm for the fellowship period for supporting the scholars.

  3. Faculty Assistance programs for young researchers:

    Under the scheme, young researchers from NER desirous of collaborating and carrying out research in other locations in the country for short periods of time would be provided a visiting fellowship program for a period not exceeding one month per year. This visit could be used also for the preparation of research proposals for competitive bidding under SERC mechanism. The fellowship would carry to and fro travel costs plus Rs 8000 towards contingency and other expenditures.

C. Special FIST assistance to universities in the region:

Support would be extended to University (as Unit) upto Rs 1.5 crores for teaching related support (not for research activity).

D. Strengthening of physical infrastructure in universities:

One time support not exceeding Rs 50 lakhs per university for improving the uninterrupted and stabilized power supply.

E. Major Facility Support:

Two units would be supported at a total cost of Rs. 10 crore in the region for aquiring major Facilities like SEM/ NMR/ Single Crystal Facility etc

F. Summer School / Winter School for UG & PG Students:

A number summer/winter schools are planned in the area relevant to the region

G. Focus R&D Support:

Research having relevance to NER region like bio-diversity, disaster management, flood control etc. is proposed to be supported in consortium mode.

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